Jump Start

Ready, Set, Jump!

Kindergarten is coming. Be ready to jump!

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Register your child for Jump Start on May 10 or 11 from 3-6 p.m. at your district school.

Jump Start dates are July 18-29 from 8:30 a.m. to noon at your district school.

For more information call 825-2178, or email Cindy Lynch.

Funding in part by Fayette County Foundation.

What Jump Start gives kids and parents

Jump Start is a FREE readiness program that will allow students to attend class at their district school. All classes will be taught by a certified teacher. During the two week program, students will spend time on phonics, writing, math, and fine and gross motor skills. Students will become familiar with the routine of a full school day, as well as with their new teacher and school building. Jump Start will prepare all students to be successful at the start of school.

  • Review phonics and practice writing
  • Improve math comprehension
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Parent programs to help your child
  • Meet teachers and classmates
  • Familiarize with building and routines
  • Free breakfast and lunch served
  • Free bus transportation
  • Attendance rewards for families

Parent Testimonials

Jump Start Parent Testimonial

"Jump Start was a great experience for Colton. He had been in preschool for 3 years, and we hesitated to send him to Jump Start for this reason thinking, "What more does he need to learn before staring school?" Jump Start was a great tool for his teacher to assess Colton and see where he was at in his learning abilities. This also allowed Colton to get use to his environment before the entire school was in session. We would highly recommend this program."

- Amy and Colton Hammons, 2015 Jump Start Family

Jump Start Parent Testimonial

"Jump Start is a great program. Our daughter loved meeting new friends and seeing classroom prior to start of school year. She also loved riding the bus. We feel Jump Start made the first day of Kindergarten an easier adjustment."

- Heidi and Lexi Zumkeller, 2015 Jump Start family

Jump Start Parent Testimonial

"I really enjoyed the Jump Start Program and would recommend it to anyone. Shelby was scared to start kindergarten so this was a good program for her to get adjusted to a daily routine. It not only helped her to get adjusted to the daily routine but to become familiar with the school and what to expect everyday. She enjoyed the program and making new friends. This was not only a good program for Shelby but it was good for me also. It helped me get adjusted to her being gone throughout the day."

- Brandy and Shelby Abercrombie, 2015 Jump Start Family

Jump Start Parent Testimonial

"Jump Start was a great introduction to Tatum's new school, staff, and classmates. It was exciting for the opportunity to be in the new environment and have a sense of being a Maplewood Bulldog before the building was teeming with all of the students, which can be overwhelming. What a great way to get a 'jump start' on being a successful kindergartener!"

- Becky and Tatum Jefferson, 2015 Jump Start Family

Get ready to jump!

When your child enters kindergarten, it can be a transition for your entire family. Kindergarten today is not what it was just 10 years ago. What many parents think of as first grade material is what students are expected to have already mastered on the first day of kindergarten. Fayette County kindergarten aptitude scores are well below the national average.

Jump Start was designed in response to the majority of kindergarten students entering school in the fall without the necessary social and behavioral skills to be successful. Local test data show that kindergarten students’ basic knowledge scores in the fall have decreased significantly every year for the past three years.

Make sure that your child is ready to make a successful leap into kindergarten. Once a child falls behind, or feels that they can't "keep up" with their peers, it only makes their school years more difficult. Register now!

Funded in part by the Fayette County Foundation

The mission of the Fayette County Foundation is to support positive, sustainable change in our community. Through the generosity of donors like you, the Foundation is proud to fund programs like Jump Start. You can be confident that your gift to the Foundation stays local, and helps local people, like our incoming kindergarteners. To find out how you make more programs like Jump Start a reality, visit us online at www.fayettefoundation.com or call us at 765-827-9966.

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